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Welcome to the 80th Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association

EHA President Hugh Rockoff chose this year’s theme, “The Lessons of Economic History,” recalling the Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana who famously told us: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This aphorism crystallizes one of the principal missions of economic history. We study the past so that we can determine which policies are likely to work in the future, including which monetary and fiscal policies produce macroeconomic stability, which forms of social insurance protect human welfare, and which patent laws spur innovation. Not all economic historians study past policy interventions directly. Some create data sets or examine chains of causation that contribute indirectly to the mission of discovering which policies work. The program committee is honoring Professor Rockoff by having selected papers that offer lessons from the subjects that have inspired his research, notably money, banking and finance, war and its aftermath, the growth of government, the Great Depression and the history of thought.


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This year’s conference will all take place on this virtual platform. It will feature paper sessions (with downloadable papers), PowerPoint presentations via Zoom, and discussion; plenary, dissertation, and presidential sessions: poster presentations and materials; exhibition space, and so on. All questions pertaining to the conference should be directed to one of the Meetings Coordinators, Jari Eloranta (jari.eloranta@helsinki.fi) or Jeremy Land (land25.jeremy@gmail.com).

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Special Thanks To: 

  • Rutgers University
  • Princeton University Press and Melissa Burton
  • Global Financial Data and Mike Cerneant
  • Rutgers Economics Department, specifically Eugene White (Program Chair), Michael Bordo, John Landon-Lane, Carolyn Moehling.
  • Rutgers Graduate Student Assistants: Mriga Bansal, Andrew Garib, and Weinan Yan
  • The EHA Meetings Team: Jari Eloranta (Meetings Coordinator), Jeremy Land (Meetings Coordinator-Elect), Evan Wallace (Conference Assistant), Debbie McCann (W4Sight), Lana Sooter (EHA Administrative Coordinator), Mike Haupert (EHA Executive Director)
  • To all who donated to the Graduate Student Fund, listed here


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